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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Update on the Com Center exhibit @ LLPA

Previously I posed on an exhibit I have been working on at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium, this is an update.

The install was completed a month ago, just now posting. It was build modular so that we could install it quickly and minimize the aquariums downtime.

It is now operational as the pictures below show.

We still have electronics panels to complete (upper blank 19" racks) as well as some display surface content in the center. These panels each have an Arduino that runs the lighting effects. The upper panels on the left are examples.


While looking for a unique and fun gift to build for my nieces wedding gift I came up with the concept of a "Lifehouse".

It is a lighthouse turning (one of my other hobbies) that you can turn on when something pleasantly memorable happens in your life.

The build:
The lighthouse is turned linden finished in a whitewash and water based polycrylic.
The Fresnel is a 1/8" clear 3D printed cylinder.
LED's provide the light, powered by cell phone brick.
Center of tower is bored for power cable

Stay tuned for some Arduino animation in the next version :)

Pictures below are self explanatory.