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Friday, December 25, 2015

K40 Laser: First improvements.

Below are pictures of the changes I am making to my stock K40 laser cutter.
I haven't tested these changes yet and still have to wire in the interlocks and water sensors.
Also working on creating electrical documentation as I haven't found any yet.

Thanks to everyone on the Laser Cutter/K40 forums, FB etc for the great information for a novice "cutter".

I decided to make the unit mobile so I can get to everything and push it out of the way when not in use.
Also I wanted space to put the cooler and vacuum under the unit.

A small control panel for the water temp controller

Rear: decided to use a vacuum, notice the tube and port for the head "vacuum assist".

Adjustable table

Adjustable table installed. Screws allow adjustment of each corner.

Vacuum Assist: trying something different to avoid having a compressor.
I already have invested in vacuum so why not use it?

Flow switch, temp sensor and pump.
Designed to pull out as one unit for water replacement.
Will post schematic of wiring changes when tested.

Door interlock: will screw in later.

Modified controller mount holes (bottom) so that the USB connector lines up.
I had to pull it out to take pictures so I modified it then.

Modified mounting holes, used nibbler tool
Closer view of Vacuum Assist experiment. If it works I will cut a bracket.

The best picture I could get of the Y axis interface card.

Clear photo of the controller, so I don't have to pull it out every time I am playing with the wiring :). 

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