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Friday, July 16, 2021

Information in the VIGOtec ecosystem


About the VG-L7X

Purchased here:

VIGOtec VG-L7X (wifi)


What's On the SD card

The unit comes with a USB SD card reader.
On the SD card which came with the machine and was plugged into the controller is a Gcode file:
Seems the VG-L7X runs on real gcode :). [yes but a proprietary version of GrBL] file


VigoTec Stuff on GitHub 

Custom Firmware upload

Flashing ESP

  • Copy of original firmware
  • Instructions on copying the resident firmware using esptool


Maker Forums

This is only for the L7, not the VG-L7X

Finally figured my L7 out I think. Opened the “Read This” note in the software and it says to use the basic firmware when you want to use other software. I naturally installed the latest when I set mine up.SO. I went back and installed the ‘basic’ and low and behold LB is running. So here is the ‘note’ and good luck to you all!
**4.If you have other control software and want to use it, please upload the standard grbl firmware named ‘Standard_Grbl_1.1f.hex’. Or if you have the appropriate firmware just for the control software, upload it! If you want to use other engraving machine control software, please update the firmware of the engraving machine motherboard to general firmware. **

Upload Instructions for Standard Vigotec

  • Open 7
  • Download file VG-L7 laser engraver
  • Open file and extract all
  • (Read the “ReadMe important” file, it has all explaind).
  • Open "driver_and_upload_tools file.
  • Open “Xloader” file
  • On “Hex file” open “Standard_Grbl_v1.1f.hex” file
  • On “device” select “Uno…”
  • Select the port you have
  • And “baud rate” must have “115200”
  • Upload!!!
  • Takes some time. When uploaded it must be ready to use any laser software (except the original vigotec).

Laser Diode Head

SanWu Model BG20W 


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