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Monday, November 1, 2021

USB Microscope Review


Every once in a while the beams align while making and a surprise outcome is realized!

I set out to buy a USB microscope and follow the lead of some others to use this for focussing my laser diode engraver.

After some research, I chose this unit;

It worked right out of the box (connects like a webcam) including my Windows PC and Android phone.

It came with a nice zipper case, holder, software disk, USB adapter, and graticule.

I was happy with the image it created and even if it does not end up being the best way to measure focus I will use it for electronics projects and measuring images.



What a Deal

Then an interesting thing happened. I got an email from the seller offering me a deal. Write a 5star review and they would send me a free metal microscope stage.

I had been here many times before. Write a review and then the promised thing never arrives.
This was different. I was ok writing a 5 review because I was very happy with the unit. I let the seller know by sending a screenshot of the review and then to my shock and awe … the thing arrived.

It really was made of metal. In fact, it was well made not the plastic junk you usually get for free!

Enter, a New Tool

Then here is where the beams aligned.
I had been sketching up a design for a tool to help properly insert heat-set plastic fasteners. My manual soldering iron approach had gotten painstaking and never resulted in a straight insert.
Then it hit me that I could use this microscope stage to install heat inserts using a woodburning iron I already had mounted into this new stage.

After making a PVC adapter for the iron and turning threaded heads that fit all sizes of my inserts I had a new tool.


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