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Saturday, October 30, 2021

MoBeam: VigoWorks Setup & Operation



The documentation describes the functions but not in enough detail to understand how they impact engraving and cutting quality.



  • Many modes of the software are single-threaded. Ensure that windows are closed and you exit active modes before trying to make settings changes. Sometimes the interface does not intuitively tell you to change modes.
  • I do not see any way to engrave and cut at the same time. There is no way to mark image features as cut lines.
  • There is a way to design text string but there is no image or vector editing. 
  • You supposedly can upload Gcode and Images.
  • I have experienced intermittent crashes and the controller needed to be power cycled.
  • No way to add stuff to the gallery?

The Effects of Settings on Imaging 

I plan to update this until which time I change to LightBurn.

Offline Imaging

Default file on SD card

  • Name:
  • One file is allowed and must be named with .nc extension
  • Verify: Uploaded and overwritten from VigoWorks?


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