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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

K40-S Cabinet Modifications

Cabinet Modifications

I strive to make the minimal modifications to my K40 in hopes that I will keep what minimal mechanical integrity that it has.


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Rear air duct

While I was making modification to the cabinet for the drag chain I cut back the rear air vent.
Some remove the entire vent but in my machine that requires that I remove the entire gantry and I just did not want to upset the machine that much and at this time.
I used a Dremel tool with a flexible shaft to cut this and the drag chain opening. I managed to bind the blade a few times and then burned up the dremel motor. I should have been more patient. I completed the cut with a angle grinder which in hindsight may have been a better choice.
Make sure that you tape you mirrors and use a vacuum while you are cutting. Laying a big magnet in the cabinet near your cutting is also a good idea.

Before cutting out the annoying vent. Note the cut lines.

After the vent is cut back

Controller Cabinet Cable Holes

There are two 1.5" holes drilled into the front of the K40 cabinet to allow cables to enter the controller cabinet. There is also 4x holes drilled for the controller cabinet mounting
Drawings coming soon.

One of the two large cable holes
Final controller cabinet assembly showing holes on left and right.

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Maker Don

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