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Friday, July 16, 2021


A K40 Traitor am I ?

After many years true my K40, I blame my MAAD* for falling prey to a sale on a 20W laser diode machine. I am now down the Vigotec VG-L7-X rabbit hole. 

*Maker Attention Deficit Disorder

My Vigotec Expectations & Plan

  • Build it…stock
  • Get the stock configuration working and characterize its abilities
  • Create documentation for the unit; controller schematic, stepper wiring, laser diode wiring & control
  • Convert/flash the unit's controller to Laser GRBL 
  • Drive it with Lightburn
  • Design and add safety and laser protection features
  • Design enclosure and lift mechanism so it can be used in a portable mode
  • Put in use, maybe engrave my yet-to-materialize electric dulcimer.


Getting Started


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1 comment:

  1. Hello, my name is Trey and I just recently ordered a K40 w/ mA reader (red/white) because I heard that the digital percentage is useless.
    Upon receiving my machine, I see that they sent me a digital model(blue/grey). I contacted them and they stated that I could return it to be replaced.
    But they also said that the one they unintentionally sent was actually valued higher, since it has a red dot indicator & other upgrades.
    I initially intended to gut it and modify it, like (mirrors, pump, platform, etc.)so I was wondering if any of the upgrades on the newer model were actually worth keeping it?
    If it is much better, should I keep it and add a mA reader or should I return it for the mA reader version? Are any of the upgrades actually worth keeping or are they just gonna have to be modified like I originally intended. I have added images and links to the k40 I ordered and the k40 I received.
    Thanks for any help you can provide!

    The one I received: (Blue/Grey)

    The one I ordered: (Red/White)