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Monday, June 27, 2016

K40-S Graphics Display


The Smoothie supports a graphic display panel which is connected via an adapter board and ribbon cables to the Smoothie motherboard.
The starting point for info:
The  K40-S BUILD INDEX with schematics


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GLCD panel Build

The panel and its shield is pretty straight forward to build and install.
  • Shield build
    • Install the missing pins 
    • Install the 5VDC regulator 
  • Plug the shield onto the smoothie
  • Install the 2 shield-to-panel cables making sure they are correctly connected
  • Check the configuration file to assure the panel is enabled and configured correctly
Make sure that you don't make these mistakes:


At the time of this post I was running "firmware-cnc"
Enable the panel module and un-comment what is needed for this display.
Link is here: look for the configuration setting for the GLCD. 

Change the Rotary Dials Rotation Direction

+Ray Kholodovsky (Cohesion3D) In the config file under panel swap the encoder A and B pin #’s with each other.

Ready to run, looks like this

Smoothieboard GLCD Shield

The display is connected to the Smoothieboard via this shield which plugs on top of Smoothie :

GLDC sheild without regulator

Mounted GLDC shield with regulator installed

Note: Additional pins must be added to the Smoothie to accommodate the shield. Install pins in the RED circles.

Cable orientation. I labeled my shield and the cables so that they don't get reversed. 

RepRap Smart Full Graphics Controller:

RepRap Smart Full Graphics Controller

Smoothie board and display mechanical:

In case you want to model the packaging of the display and the smoothie here are some 3D models for SketchUp:

Enjoy and leave suggestions as comments
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