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Friday, September 14, 2018

Improved K40 Operating Panel

K40 Operating Panel


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For some time I have wanted to:
  • Have all the laser systems indicators to be in one place and up on the panel
  • Add a Laser tube surface temp sensor
  • Have a better looking power pot position meter.
  • Try out a sensor mounted on the head to detect a fire

Everything up on the panel

On the panel above:
Upper left: Senses heat at the head and shuts down LPS on overtemp with an alarm
Upper Right: Senses coolant temp and shuts down LPS on overemp with an alarm
Lower Left: Laser temp. Measures temp at the surface of the tube
Lower right: A DVM that measures the voltage on the LPS "IN" pin. 

I got all the sensing meters cut into the upper part of the panel. The Power setting meters bezel had to be hand fabricated. I am satisfied that they are all in one place but I wish I could have all the meters look the same. That's the result of some meters being discontinued and other not having controllers.

Cutting out the panel

The Plan

Nibbling Away

Final Cutout

Sensor Locations

The water sensor is located in the bucket at the end of the output pipe.

The laser jacket sensor is tie wrapped to the laser housing

The cabinet sensor is mounted on the head.
Note I have no idea if this sensor and the controller will respond fast enough to prevent a fire but I figure something is better than nothing at all.

Power Control Meter

More work needed to make this pretty!


The meters that require the machine to be shut down have relays wired in series with the laser interlock circuit. These meters have high low setpoins and have audible alarms. 

Parts List

Upper left: Temp Controller
Lower Left: Thermometer
Lower right:  DVM

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