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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Troubleshooting a K40 Laser Power System

So Your Laser Won't Fire?

The laser power and control system in a K40 is a relatively complex and its the most unreliable subsystem of the overall K40. Therefore a lot of time is spent diagnosing and subsequently replacing and repairing parts of this subsystem.
It seems important that we capture what we have learned about troubleshooting and fixing K40's. 


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Is it your laser power or the laser tube that is bad?

Good question! We don't have a definitive way of pointing to a bad tube but we can insure that the power system that drives it is working properly. Well almost. We can verify operation all the way to the input of the LPS but beyond that the HV characteristics of the laser tubes drive makes clear component identification dangerous, uncertain and expensive.
This guide helps eliminate everything up to and including the input of the LPS as the culprit. If everything is good to the LPS then I would:

  1. Replace the LPS 
    1. If you have certain symptoms you can try replacing the LPS's HVT. This is the most common type of LPS failure
      1. Repairing-k40-lps
  2. Replace the laser tube

The K40 Laser Power System Troubleshooting Guide

This guide provides K40 owners a flow chart for troubleshooting the Laser Power Control and Supply subsystem.

The Elements of a K40 Laser Power Control Subsystem

  • Input power
    • AC plug and fuse
  • Control panel
    • Current control pot or digital controls
    • Laser enable sw
    • Laser fire Test button
    • AC power button
  • LPS
    • The high voltage supply
    • The laser enable loop
    • The local test PB
    • PWM input (L)
    • Local power control (IN)
  • PWM generator
    • The controller that converts gcode S commands to a PWM signal.
  • Laser
    • The laser tube that generates the optical power

The Guide


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