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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Improved K40 Mirror Mounts Adjustments?

Alternate Mirror Mounts

Since I bought my K40 I have been looking for better mirror mounting and adjustments. I concluded that I needed to design a new version of the stock mounts.
Recently I found what seemed to be a compatible mount on ebay so this post documents and attempt to fit it into my K40.

Ebay Adjustable Mount

Will it Fit?

Below are some pictures of both mounts and an approximation of the differences in mirror center-lines between the two mounts if installed on the stock brackets.
The center-line of the Ebay mount is +.28
There isn't enough material to mill off the Ebay mount

Looks like the bracket can be lowered by approx. .28


I plan to replace the stock mirror mount bracket with a solid piece of aluminum [I never liked this cantilevered sheet-metal bracket] mounted solidly to the carriage.


I will fill this in after testing ......

Photos of the Ebay mount

The graduations on the paper are .25" (6.09mm).

Screw in retaining ring

Nice mirror restraint using nylon insert

For 20mm mirrors

Solid adjustments and tension screws

Enjoy and comment,

1 comment:

  1. Nice, I would like to raise the entire assembly to allow for rotary attachment to yeti cups without having to cut the bottom out of the K40 for the needed room. Any thoughts on that one?