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Sunday, January 1, 2017

K40-S Control Panels

Status is: IN DESIGN

There are two panels in the K40-S build configuration.
The rationale for using two panels is in the index 

For other information on the K40-S build use the  K40-S BUILD INDEX with schematic


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The K40-S operations panel

The operations panel for the K40-S provides laser, temperature and power control functions. 
It is designed as a drop in replacement for the stock panel. 

Mapping K40-S functions to stock panel:

Power: uses stock switch
Fire: same switch as "Test Switch"
Enable: same switch as "Laser Switch"
Meter: same as stock current meter
Current preset: digital meter added with "Current Regulation"  pot below it.
Water Temperature: added digital metering (see schematics for part #)
Armed: The "Armed" light is part of the interlock circuit and illuminates if the "Enable" button is asserted and all the interlocks are closed.

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design is here: 

1-1 cardboard model installed to test fit
Figured I would add a logo while I am at it! Will be printed on sticky back something

Digital Relative Laser Power Setting 

This digital meter give you a digital value for the pots position. I makes is easier to read the posts position and reset it to the same position. Its called "Current Preset" in the above design.
A three wire digital voltmeter is necessary.

Here is how to connect it:

Add A New Pot For Finer Control

This pot is a replacement for the stock one and provides improved resolution and linearity.

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Maker Don

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